Team member

We always work with a great team.


Founder & CEO

Abdulaziz earned his Master’s degree in Management of Information Technology from Hood College in the United States. Prior to that, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Findlay also in the United States. He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, such as Cloud Computing for Increased Business Value. As the CEO, he has led the continuous development of the team and has pioneered the organization’s affinity for staying on the cutting edge of the most innovative products and services that are offered.


Project Management Office Manager

Maher earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Electronics Engineering from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. His experience enables him to provide the necessary leadership in the best practices in order to exceed the customer’s expectations. He ensures that the operational issues of the PMO are solved, focusing on the project’s interface with project leaders, teams, technology, etc...


Head of Engineering and Estimation Department

Zahi’s Bachelor’s degree was earned in Computer Communication Engineering from American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon. He then went on to earn his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Balamand in Lebanon as well. His pre-sales experiences have been instrumental in ensuring that the engineering processes that are being implemented will meet the business objectives and needs of our clients based on price, quality, and delivery.


Sales Manager

Ali earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon. His robust experience in the sales industry has enabled his success in approaching clients within both commercial and industrial sectors in order to achieve the targets for ICT and BMS products. Additionally, he has taken the initiative in implementing a CRM Software in order to build an internal client database and maintaining these relationships across the steps of the sales pipeline.


Technical Manager

Hassan’s Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Software Engineering was earned at Philadelphia University in Jordan. He is certified in design and installation for multiple vendors in the Low Current industry and is also responsible for providing both technical proposals and solutions to our clients as per their specifications and the project’s requirements. Lastly, Hassan provides technical direction for development, design, and systems integration.


Finance Manager

Ashraf earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Omdurman Ahlia University in Sudan. His work experience in Finance has enabled him to ensure the company’s financial planning is strategic. In addition to preparing financial statements and business activity reports, Ashraf is also responsible for the forecasts of the growth for the organization’s managerial decisions. Finally, he is the main contact point with the financial auditors.


Procurement Manager

Mohammed earned his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Kakatiya University in India. As the Procurement Manager, Mohammed searches for optimized suppliers and vendors and then initiates contact with the businesses to develop partnerships. He negotiates with the vendors as well in order to secure advantageous terms, with the savings then passed on to our clients.


Management Representative

Mohammed earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Dammam University in Saudi Arabia. He oversees the functions and procedures of each and every department, ensuring that they run smoothly and cohesively. He is the main contact for certification requirements with TUV Nord. His main focus is ensuring that quality, occupational health, safety and environment of all procedures and processes within the various departments are at the optimal level that our organization prides itself on.


Administration and Human Resource Manager

Ahmad has been trained in a variety of subjects within the fields of Administration and Human Resources, earning multiple diplomas along the way. His role is critical to the company and its culture: ensuring that the organization’s personal records are accurately maintained, assisting in the preparation of the company’s payroll, and managing HR documentation.


Business Administration Assistant Manager

Mona earned her Bachelor’s degree in Administration from King Faisal University. Her role is found within the Human Resource and Administration Department wherein she oversees all HR and administrative procedures, codifying the procedures and ensuring their application from all employees. Mona’s main focus is establishing awork environment that is conducive to the success of the organization in terms of professionalism and skills.