Control Systems

Control System

At System Security Solutions, there is a technology solution for everyone no matter how small or how big, 3S is ready to enhance and streamline your home or business. So, we bring across for you control systems in audio and visual solutions that allow you to manage numerous aspects of your business. Not only business but you can be out revered customer if you are looking for home solutions as well.
Control systems can be set in the following areas of audio/ viisual:

Distributed Audio: Our solution gives you quality sound throughout your space. Every commercial business shall benefit with distributed audio whether it’s different music playing in every room or different sound levels to please all the guests.
Audio Conferencing: We offer perfect audio-conferencing solutions with state-of-the-art control systems embedded to heed to your specific needs and requirements.
Video Conferencing and Telepresence: We have our control systems installed to provide with custom made solutions.
Collaboration/huddle System
Video Walls
Assisted Listening Systems
Sound Masking
Projection Systems
Interactive White Boards
With control systems in audio/ visual, you can have an enriched experience which will be lifelong. Be it home or office space, our control systems can simplify your home environment by virtually controlling everything with the touch of a button. Let 3S get you in control of your environment and energy savings with our custom solutions. Our Audio Visual control systems are programmed in such a way so that you can find available rooms, identify their audio/ visual resources and quickly activate them to start your meetings as far as corporate offices and commercial businesses are concerned. We at System Security Solutions create personalized control systems that are simple to use. Control systems are recommended for one simple reason and that is to make clients’ task easier to use the technology. We can imagine the comfort and ease that we can provide to the customers. Just going to the boardroom and pressing one button on your IPAD to start can make our customers’ experience enriching, heartening and inspiring.
So, our aim is to plan, design, implement and integrate control systems in audio/ visual for the sole purpose to let our customers experience the latest technologies without any hassle as well as to enjoy it. We have been rendering control system solutions for years with 100% success for our revered customers. This has provided us with much needed experience to serve our customers even in a better way.
We at 3S give this credit to our team of engineers, technicians, designers and installers. Also, another factor is our value proposition which is complete customer satisfaction. Our team from the onset works with our customers closely understanding your need and requirements perfectly before starting to plan and design the project. This adds immensely to the customer satisfaction factor and this is what drives us to do even better. We always strive to serve our customers so that there is always a win-win deal. So, come and let us serve you in the most perfect way you can imagine.
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