Implementation and Integration

Implementation & Integration

Implementation and integration are integral part or can be said a major and important chunk of the whole process of a product or service cycle. System Security Solutions (3S) offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions related to implementation and integration. Implementation involves putting into effect what is planned and designed. So, it is such a crucial phase in the cycle. This is carried out meticulously at 3S so that the final product is without any flaw. Integration on the other hand, includes combination of one or more system with other systems to make a whole new structure to function in an ideal way as a single device as expected. We create seamless integration solutions as per customers’ need.
We at 3S have been leading numerous implementation and integration projects across the region within the last several years and this has provided us with enriching experience in a variety of industries within both public as well as private sectors. So, our team of talents have acquired hands on experience over the years. The team or the workforce is always ready to render implementation and integration solutions to our customers. The possessed experience is diverse across industries and thus creating and developing a unique set of skills. This allows us at 3S to compete for some of the region’s top clients, offering state-of- the -art services as far as implementation and integration is concerned.
We can take an example of low current system and audio-visual system to understand how we come up to implementation and integration processes. Burglar alarm is one of the low current systems i.e. it required low voltage to run. Implementation would involve creating a whole product i.e. burglar alarm and audio-visual system separately which would make two different implementation projects. A burglar alarm needs an audio-visual system to be integrated with it so that a complete burglar alarm system can be completed. So, integration of an audio-visual system with burglar alarm system is an example of integration service.
Implementation and integration phases of product and services cycle would mean that one must work very closely with customers so that there is no mismatch in need and requirement with outcome. These phases are very delicate and highly critical because major changes in the systems occur here. There could be instances where the changes made in these phases are irreversible. So, clients and well as us ensure this not to happen by constantly remaining in touch with excellent feedback mechanism. WE bridge business needs and technological know-how so that customers are not able to not understand what is being designed and how.
Thus, System Security Solutions keeps our customers in safe hands as we make sure that even intricate and complex systems are implemented and integrated hand-in-hand. Our state-of-the-art facilities at our organization be it technologically or humanely make us ever ready to render excellent and world class services.
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