Architecture & Entertainment Lighting

Architecture Entertainment Lighting

There is a tremendous demand for architecture and entertainment lighting these days. With growing culture of celebrations, there is an increasing trend of lighting solutions applied in various events and places. System Security Solutions leverage this and strive to design exemplary lighting solutions for variety of customers. With advantage of technology at our side, we are in a position to enhance our solutions in line with latest technology to satisfy every needs and requirements of the customers. We have gained vast experience in this area and thus providing lighting solutions has become one of our forte.
We at 3S have a wide range of products and solutions to offer to our customers. We provide largely creative solutions and also provide the choice of traditional and modern settings. We understand that lighting is vital in the way you experience and understand architecture. Whether lit naturally or artificially, it is lighting that allows us to see the beauty and appreciate it. Lighting brings in emotional value of any architecture and our team recognizes this fact. This is what enables us to design and install solutions with specific customer needs. It is light that draws the attention to textures, colors and forms of space. It is important that we take care of aesthetic value, efficiency and function when designing lighting solutions. Our designers and architects align to your aesthetic value requirements by allowing you to connect to the place emotionally. This aspect can especially be important for retail locations where it is exterior lighting that draws in the customers and impresses them even before entering the space. We at 3S create breathtaking lighting layouts that are energy efficient. We work by reducing the wasted light to make buildings more efficient. This is achieved by using LED instead of fluorescent lights. We make use of latest technological materials to make the lighting solutions possible.
Our architecture and entertainment lighting solutions are applicable for cruise ships, theme parks, piers and bridges as well as for monuments, attractions, facades and buildings. Our entertainment lighting solutions can be applied in concerts, film studio, TV studio, stage and theatre, clubs, car shows and various types of exhibitions. As already mentioned, our lighting solutions are energy efficient which make them environmentally viable. We also offer solutions that are reliable, durable and scalable whether indoor or outdoor.
We have a team of expert and highly creative designers and architects that work to serve our customers heeding to the likings and dislikes. We make sure we work closely with our customers so that we understand the exact needs and requirements. Generally, each person will have a different choice than the other and this makes it very essential for us to appreciate and comprehend what the customer is looking for. This aspect is taken care by our team in a quick time which makes the deliverables completed within the stipulated time. We always keep the customers in focus while designing and thus the customer satisfaction.
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