Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas is one of the very critical industries considering its importance in the economy of a region or country. Also, the point to consider is its criticality in terms of vulnerability to ruptures, explosions, fires, releases and spills. These calamities are highly harmful for human life as well as detrimental to environment if we take spills as an example. Human safety becomes grave concern for oil and gas industry. Various systems used in oil and gas firms are dependent on digital technology. These firms rely on control systems and connected data for facilitating system monitoring, drilling, exploration and optimizing of production from both offshore and onshore resources. Before the advent of information technology, the networks which were used between process equipment and control systems would work in isolation from other networks like internet. But, this is no longer the case. Such separation is no longer in vogue as the increased need to transfer production data to IT systems and also for maintaining the system remotely. The increase in automation in this industry is vital due to cost management. With the growing dependency on technology, there is evidence of vulnerability to cyber-attacks that lead to increased threats to the networks.
Our unmatched engineering and industrial software solutions ensure enhanced reliability and safety, accelerated IoT connectivity, efficient day to day operations and integration of sustainability. We achieve combination of process automation and electrical infrastructure especially low current solutions with comprehensive services. We make safety and reliability, maximized production, efficient operations, technology adoption and regulatory compliance an easy and smooth journey for oil and gas firms. Be it onshore, offshore, pipeline management, LNG and gas processing, terminals or refining and petroleum, we are there to serve you with highly excellent world class solutions with ease. Our state-of-the-art ICT solutions will help you scale business to the next level with smart connectivity across your organization both onshore and offshore. We at 3S provide exceptional wired and wireless networking to digitalize your data and information with secure connectivity. We have the unmatched potential to serve you with our world class ELV or low current solutions. We take care of your staff security and prevention of mishaps by installing CCTVs and IPTVs. We have outstanding building management system for your safety and security. Our access control solutions allow you to make sure only the privileged persons are allowed at designated areas. Fire alarm system is indispensable in oil and gas industry and we render excellent solutions in this area. Similarly, public address and voice evacuation systems help you secure the premises even more. We also have audio and video solutions for video conferencing among the employees. Our superb video projection, audio and video distribution and control system solutions give you an extra edge among the competitors for ease of doing business and carrying out daily operations.
System Security Solutions are among the leaders to provide solutions to oil and gas industry. We highly understand the criticality of this sector.
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