If you need to distribute TV sources to several areas in your whole project, System Security Solutions can help you in that. You will experience the brilliant network infrastructure with various solutions to meet requirements of each project.
We offer following solutions at 3S at your disposal:

Cable television system (CATV) with the channel provided from service providers.
Satellite TV system or Master Antenna TV (MATV) with signal source received from satellite via antenna.
Channel or content source system (IPTV) provided from the content server and the network infrastructure.
We at 3S seek to understand the specific needs and requirements of our customers and then proceed for the solution. This brings us close to the customer and allows us to work swiftly without much hassle during the implementation and integration phases. Therefore In the initial phases, there is maximum interaction with customers. This ensures that our valued customers are not annoyed and irritated much. Our value proposition is customer satisfaction which allows us to excel in each department we work in.
IPTV/CATV/ MATV are also one of those areas where customer satisfaction is highly guaranteed so that there is positive word of mouth and future relations.

Master Antenna Television of MATV refers to an analog cabling network that is used to distribute several televisions throughout a facility. With the installation of many satellite dishes, to centrally subscribe and distribute any channel, from any part of the world, both pay and free TV services can be delivered locally. Approx 1000 channels can be supported by MATV.

CATV is home-to-home cable TV delivery by using traditional coaxial cable connection to each one of the residential premises to distribute TV from a central point. CATV services are by far more irrelevant for large hospitality properties as major clients may not require local channels. Maximum live channels that can be enjoyed in analog system is 100 and in digital 1000.

IPTV or Internet Protocol TV is when the media to broadcast content is Ethernet. It uses huge internet bandwidth and thus broadcasting contents like signage, video on demand, high speed internet, telephone and TV can be delivered to end customer by using a single UTP cable. IPTV is a two way communication. What it means is if we take example of a hotel, a guest can communicate to the min hotel server to take out information like messaging, laundering, room service ordering, car rental bookings, on-spot bill, etc. There are endless possibilities and services of IPTV that we can imagine. For example: menu cards in restaurants can be translated into various international languages so that guests can know about any dish that they want to order in terms of calorific value, look and feel of a dish, method and preparation time. Moreover, there is a possibility of centralized remote management of set-top box. There is theoretically no maximum limit of the number of channels that can be supported by IPTV.

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