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IoT Solutions

IoT or Internet of Things is a machine or a system consisting of computing devices which are interrelated. They contain mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that have a unique identifier (UID) and are able to transfer data over a network without the requirement of human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. There are various applications of this technology. This is one of the emerging technologies we have currently. This stands on top along with many latest emerging technologies. Internet of Things gives the organizations an ample amount of opportunities to make turnarounds in business by implementing systems which are interrelated.
Now, it has been a compulsion for IT leaders to displace traditional, device-centric networks to be in line with current and future business needs while ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity across Internet of Things deployments. We offer intelligent Internet of Things networks more intelligent with cloud networking. We provide you the ability to quickly deploy and centrally manage apps and data related with Internet of Things initiatives to any location.
Moreover, our technology makes sure the data is present for real time processing and analysis too, by not compromising with its accessibility to other business locations. Our customers have a need to host IoT data without compromising on security and also need to boost their network perimeters without doing away with agility. So, we assist organizations to strike and maintain a balance between these. Our solutions help you to reduce risks and unwanted risks by securing and centralizing all IoT data. There are plenty of promises that Internet of Things provides but IT needs to be wary of issues like increased complexity, new security risks and legacy infrastructure that may damage initiatives. So, we work to simplify and build the solutions by overcoming these challenges and issues. We offer a software defined platform which makes the process of planning and managing IT architectures required to support IoT simple. Our solutions resolve concerns surrounding poor network connectivity and performance, trade-off between security and data availability and higher cyber threats.
Internet of Things has been benefitting various industries and some examples are:

Energy: Sensors send equipment performance data to centralized control systems, proactively alerting companies to maintenance needs for improving asset utilization, cut costs, and improve service delivery.
Manufacturing and distribution: Tracking of inventory in real-time, while control systems ensure suitable conditions for in-transit product, reducing supply chain bottlenecks and shipping costs.
Retail: Motion sensors detect products a customer is interested in when perusing through store aisles, triggering digital displays that offer more information about the product and complementary offerings.
Agriculture: Embedded sensors on farming equipment help boost the efficiency of prepping, planting, and harvesting fields, improving crop yields.
So, it’s time for organizations to embrace this technology like we have done with top quality team of engineers. Come and provide us with an opportunity to serve you in Internet of Things related solutions.

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