Displays and Video Projection

Display and Video Projection

Displays and Video projection has found various applications all across the world in numerous industries. System Security Solutions is not far behind when it comes to displays and video projection solutions. We excel in providing this solution and have inherent advantage in hardware systems and this combined with consistent design processes, innovative optical technology and highly integrated planning of displays; provide our customers with the most reliable product suite and visual experience.
We at 3S have a wide range of applications to satisfy several professional visualization needs like touch control, multimedia interaction, remote control, large-scale integration, projection mapping, display systems and holographic projections. Our display and video projection products offer high resolution, high brightness and power saving features. These products satisfy large-scale video wall requirements for information centers in corporate lobbies, convention halls, transit control centers and outdoor billboards. Our solutions possess high reliability, high performance and slim design.
Our products come with following primary features:

Perfect Visualization: One can adjust the brightness with personal preference to make it comfortable.
Energy Efficiency: We provide perfect blend of highly energy efficient solutions and in today’s world our customers strive to be energy efficient.
Precision and Installation: There are many options we offer by which the installation can be done. Precision is innate in our products.
Environment Friendly: Our solutions are environment friendly and thus contributing to reduction in climate change.
We at 3S provide innovative solutions with latest in technology equipment’s and products. Our display controllers perfectly support any type of video and data sources for any display configuration.
Our displays and video projection solutions have found numerous applications across different areas and are listed below:

Factories: Media video streaming system and video walls
Sports Plazas: Theatre-class projectors, LED display and media video streaming system
Cinemas: Theatre-class projectors, navigation platforms and digital displays
Commercial Buildings: Projectors for business use, digital displays and media video streaming video system
Television Channels: Projectors for business use, LCD video walls
International Conference Centres: Theatre-class projectors, navigation platforms and digital displays
Outdoor Recreational Areas: Portable projectors
Airports: Navigation platforms, media video streaming system, LCD video walls
Shopping Malls: LED displays, LCD video walls, projector auto blending system
University: Projectors for educational purposes, electronic whiteboards and interactive projections
Residences: Home projectors and portable mini projectors.
Displays and Video Projection solutions find many other applications too. These include traffic monitoring from traffic control rooms, control room solutions for mission critical operations centres, city surveillance, sports, public displays, etc.
We at System Security Solutions provide customized solutions to our customers that satisfy each customer’s unique needs and requirements. So, whenever you plan to avail this solution, you can choose us so that we can develop and nurture a fruitful relationship. We always go for a win-win solution with our customers. Our proven track record has made us the leaders in providing displays and video projection solutions.
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