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About 3S

3S is a professional system integrator for the IT and Low Current Systems. We are a team of Qualified, Talented & Experienced Engineers & Professionals. We Plan, Design, Implement & Manage IT Solutions for your business providing a Complete IT Solutions Services & Support to the corporate sector in Saudi Arabia.

3S is a subsidiary of Azmeel Holding Company, one of the largest contracting companies in Saudi Arabia with more than 30 subsidiaries with operations spread thought out Middle East and over 20,000 employees.

Our Vision

To become a globally renown and respected leader in the Information Technology industry by offering the highest quality products and services.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to deliver systems, security and solutions to clients in innovative and effective ways. We will realize this mission by ensuring quality through partnerships with leaders in the field and having the highest level of training on the latest and most ground breaking software products.

Value Proposition

3S’s highly trained and motivated team tailors its unique products and creative solutions to exceed client expectations. We always adhere to our high standard of customer satisfaction and work to understand our clients’ business objectives.


How we can help your business

Structured Cabling

We believe that the road is just as important as the cars that drive on it. We excel at offering the highest quality Structured Cabling Systems looking forward at enabling the best physical media for the vast and critical data that will populate our networks of tomorrow. We partner with the worlds’ leading manufacturers of cable and accessories and we retain a highly skilled and certified team of engineers and installers.

  • LAN Structured Cabling: UTP, STP, Fiber Optic, Smart Patch Panels
  • Specialized Datacenter Cabling Systems
  • Housing Complexes Cabling Systems
  • Industrial Facilities Cabling Systems
Data Communication

We acknowledge the dynamic nature of today’s data communication;

  • How they are expected to grow and shrink overnight
  • How they should adapt to the volume and nature of traffic being transported
  • How they can be perceived as an economic burden on any organization

3S has invested heavily in acquiring and training internal resources specialized in the design and architecture of tomorrow’s data networks. Our extensive design and architecture optimization efforts pay back in the form of improved operational efficiency and reduced cost of ownership. We work with world renowned manufacturers and we excel at matching the right product to the right application.

  • Core Switching Systems
  • LAN Distribution and Access Layer Switching
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration Systems
Voice Communication

Despite all of the advanced multimedia communication facilities available in today’s world, voice conversation remains to be the favorite means of communication for the majority of mankind. Realizing this fact; 3S has partnered with the leading voice communication products manufacturers around the world, enabling us to delivery secured, reliable and efficient, single or multi‐layer voice communication solutions for the enterprise workspace as well as for large housing complexes. Our solutions offer unmatched features, record breaking reliability, as well as the highest ratings for usability and efficiency.

  • Conventional Analogue and Digital Telephony Systems
  • IP Based Telephony Systems
  • Hybrid Telephony Systems
  • Wired and Wireless Telephony Systems
  • Unified Communication & Mobility Systems
Datacentre Preparation

With every passing day; the “data” we generate and store in our networks of servers becomes more and more crucial to the healthy operation of our societies and organizations. The environment in which this data is generated, processed and stored plays a major role in the sustainability and reliability of these central processing facilities. At 3S we offer our clients a variety of products and services targeted towards the design, supply, implementation and operation of their datacenter environments.

Our services cover the full scope of building standardized datacenter environments each custom tailored to fit the specific needs of the application in consideration. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of specialized datacenter components to offer our customer base the most efficient environments in which they can securely generate, process, deposit or store their most sensitive data.

  • Space Preparation; Physical Security, Rack & Cabling Solutions, Flooring & Ceiling Solutions.
  • Environment Preparation; Power & Cooling Solutions
  • Manageability: Monitoring, Reporting & Management Solutions
Enterprise Wireless

Today, mobility is a necessity, no longer a luxury or a fancy feature that is offered only to key users. Today’s users demand the ability to be mobile while maintaining their communication facilities operating flawlessly. We enhance our data infrastructure offering with the best of breed corporate centralized wireless coverage solutions, delivering stable, secured and capable connectivity to the corporate user while on the move. We also offer a variety of products that work hand in hand with our wireless coverage solutions enhancing the security, stability, monitoring and manageability of the entire environment. Wireless has become the communication medium of choice for the majority of today’s technology users. 3S will design, architect, and build the right solution for your requirements whenever connectivity on the move is desired.

  • Enterprise Wireless Coverage
  • Indoor/Outdoor Centrally Managed Wireless Coverage
  • On-Site/Off-Site Mobility
  • WLAN Access: User Access & Management, Guest Access & Management, BYOD
Building Automation & Low Current Systems

The majority of today’s tenants, workers or visitors of any constructed facility remain oblivious to the systems that operate in the background around the clock to enable a good living, working, or visiting experience within the facility. These systems, hidden as they are, remain a core contributor to our overall experience within any constructed facility; it being a commercial building, a hospital, a university campus, a home, an office, or even a retail shop. At 3S, we realize the increasing importance of these systems and the undeniable advantages that could be gained from their close integration and unified management and visibility. Among our products and services, we offer:

  • Building Management System
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Fire Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Central Clock/Time Systems
  • Public Address/Announcement Systems
  • Disabled Toilet Systems
  • Nurse Call System
Physical Security & Protection

In today’s diverse world, one can never be too cautious when it comes to physical security especially in public space. It is one of those sectors where very rapid technology development was lead primarily by the ever increasing public demand for more intelligent and reliable systems. Our world today is being surveyed, monitored, and recorded around the clock by sophisticated and complicated security systems. At 3S we house experienced and certified resources ready to design, supply, build, and commission systems that will guarantee you the peace of mind found only at highly secured locations. Among the systems we offer:

  • Integrated Security Platforms
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Road/Vehicle Security Systems: Road Blockers, Barriers, Bollards, Under Vehicle Inspection Systems
  • Guard Screening Devices
  • Guard Touring Systems

We focus all of our time and efforts at improving our offering and delivery capabilities. We offer Complete Technology Infrastructure. Our offering includes Structured Cabling Systems, Data and Voice Infrastructure components, Low Current Systems, and Physical Security and Protection Products and Services.


The people and companies we work with

Our Partners

At SSSC, Strategic Partnerships are one of the core pillars of business objectives that help our customers do business better. We have a 360 degree relationship with our alliance partners. As a vendor and partner, the SSSC Wining-Together approach is aimed at delivering unparalleled value to clients.

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